Orders for PRINTED CLOTHING may be delayed due to COVID-19
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        Request a custom order

        If you would like a custom piece of jewelry made, let us know the details in the comment box. You can send us an image or photo that you want used or make a request and we will work with you until we have made something you'll be proud to wear or give as a gift.


        What should I ask?

        For a custom order all you need to tell us is:

        - What type of jewelry you would like

        - Whether you would like silver or bronze

        - Whether you are sending an image or

        - Details of the image you would like us to make


        What kind of image should I send?

        Any kind of image will do, however it is strongly advised that you send an image that is at least 500x500 pixels in size to ensure the best possible quality. If an image is too dark or faded to be used we will adjust it for you.


        What kind of image can I request?

        If there is a popular image that you would like to have made into jewelry, we can make that. If you would like a name in special type this can also be done. Pretty much anything you can imagine is possible, the only limit is your own mind. :)